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Division of Geriatric Medicine

Program Overview

Geriatric Medicine Residency Program

The Geriatric Medicine Residency Program at McMaster University is designed to develop well-rounded expert clinicians in geriatric medicine. The core clinical rotations are structured to provide a balanced and diverse exposure to inpatient, outpatient and long term care populations. During the program residents will work closely with Geriatricians whose interests span, not only clinical geriatrics, but also medical education, research, program development and health advocacy. 

The PGY-4 year allows the resident to develop clinical expertise in a variety of geriatric medicine services. Introductory rotations include inpatient geriatric rehabilitation, hospital-based consultation, and outpatient clinics. Experiences in community settings and geriatric psychiatry are also completed early in the program, to provide broad exposure to the variety of practice models possible in geriatric medicine. 

The PGY-5 year is flexible, individualized based on career interests, and designed to foster graduated responsibility. There is a longitudinal chief’s clinic that prepares residents for independent practice in the ambulatory setting. Residents return to rotations in inpatient consults and inpatient geriatric rehabilitation, this time in the role of "junior attending". This role requires greater independence in clinical management, increased responsibility, and more teaching of juniors. Those interested in an academic career path have opportunities to focus on development of teaching skills or research.

Combined university geriatrics research day
Dr. Tanja Bibic, Dr. Sharon Marr, Dr. Mimi Wang, Dr. Tricia Woo, Dr. Justin Lee, Combined University Geriatrics Research Day, Toronto, ON, June 2014
Residents are encouraged and supported to develop teaching skills, and practice those skills during the junior attending rotations of the second year. Members of the division of geriatric medicine at McMaster are very actively involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate education, and there are many opportunities for mentorship and engagement in educational committees, and program development. 

Twelve weeks, which may be taken in block or staggered form, are protected for a research project. Through the postgraduate office and division of geriatric medicine, research funding and awards are available to residents on a competitive basis. Those interested in a research career would have an opportunity to structure the PGY-5 year with a focus on research. 

An overview of the program, including a sample clinical rotation program is also available on the CARMs website under program descriptions.For more detailed information on the structure, clinical and academic content of the training program, please refer to the Geriatric Medicine Training Program Handbook.

Dr. Shiv Kosla Dr. Shiv Khosla presenting at the American Geriatric Society Annual Scientific Meeting, May 2014.

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program

The Division of Geriatric Medicine offers clinical fellowship training to physicians wishing to develop expertise in the care of complex, frail, older adults. For physicians with sponsorship from foreign governments, we offer 1 and 2 year fellowships, and certification in either internal medicine or family medicine is required. Internal medicine graduates who are eligible for sponsorship through the St. Joseph's International Outreach Program can apply for a 6 month fellowship in geriatric medicine. We currently do not offer unfunded or self-funded fellowships. The clinical and academic content of the fellowship program is very similar to that of the residency program.

Postgraduate Electives

We are keen to host visiting elective residents and offer a variety of experiences including inpatient consults, outpatient clinics and outreach, and inpatient geriatric rehabilitation. Electives can also be arranged with community geriatrics preceptors and at certain times of the year, there is a unique week long travelling elective to multiple towns in Northern Ontario. Contact us early to help us tailor your elective to your interests and learning goals.