Division of Geriatric Medicine

National Geriatric Interest Group (NGIG) and Resident Geriatric Interest Group (RGIG)

National Geriatric Interest Group (NGIG) and Resident Geriatric Interest Group (RGIG)

The NGIG has branches at 13 medical schools across the country. The initial groups were set up at McMaster and Saskatchewan. The local groups specialize in exposing students to aspects of caring for older adults. In additional, the NGIG will  be holding their second Annual National Meeting during the Canadian Geriatric Society (CGS) conference. The half day program includes invited speakers such as Drs. Samir Sinha, Camilla Wong, Chris Frank, as well as a special Question & Answer session with Dr. Mary Tinetti and a small group case with the geriatric residents.

This year, the students have started 4 new special projects:

  1. Educational Screencasts - the initial screencasts are posted online with more to follow. Here is the link to the screencasts: http://canadiangeriatrics.ca/students/index.cfm/educational-screencasts/
  2. NGIG publication.
  3. Canadian mentorship and elective database
  4. NGIG has partnered with the Alzheimer Society to deliver dementia workshops to selected GIGs starting later in 2013. There will need to be formal evaluation of these workshops and details are TBA.

Resident Geriatric Interest Groups

In only its second year, we have increased from three to ten branches. The residents are primarily from Internal Medicine, but we are hoping to add more Family Medicine and Psychiatry Residents. These groups are media savvy and have a facebook page, twitter account, and tumblr blog and focus on local advocacy projects.

Here is the link to the aging fabulously blog (by Amanda Gardhouse - McMaster University) with video clips from CGS 2012: http://agingfabulously.tumblr.com/

The other standout achievement for 2012 was an invited presentation to the Ontario Seniors Secretariat.