Division of Geriatric Medicine

Research Initiatives

Potential Quality Assurance Projects

  1. Appropriate prescribing for creatinine clearance in acute care.

  2. Appropriate management of delirium in acute care including medication management.

  3. Appropriate use of either physical or chemical restraints in acute care.

  4. Influenza vaccination of physicians and residents: level of adherence to recommendations (survey)

  5. Use of drugs that increase delirium in acute care in patients with underlying dementia.

  6. Delirium: what iatrogenic events occur to precipitate delirium in acute care? (i.e. physical restraints, use of catheter, and greater than 3 medications added)

  7. How often is delirium discussed in pre-operative clinics? Are patient risk factors for delirium assessed? Are family members educated?

  8. Management of heart failure patients in different settings, concentrating on "core" therapies of ace inhibitor and beta-blocker.

  9. In cardiac patients in different settings, how often is creatinine clearance considered?

  10. In heart failure patients, how often are contra-indicated drugs (tricyclics, old calcium channel blockers, memantine, NSAIDs) prescribed?