Dr. Heather McLeod

Division of Geriatric Medicine

Heather McLeod


Associate Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Department of Medicine

Active Staff, St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton and Hamilton Health Sciences

Geriatric Medicine Undergraduate Coordinator





Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Heather McLeod is a staff Geriatrician based at St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, and Hamilton Health Sciences. She completed her medical degree at McMaster University in 2005, followed by Internal Medicine residency training, also at McMaster, in 2008. After two years of Geriatric Medicine fellowship training at the University of Toronto, Heather returned to McMaster in 2010 to work with the Geriatricians who originally inspired her to pursue a career in Geriatrics. Heather completed her Masters of Education at the University of Toronto, OISE, in 2014 and continues to
be involved in educating both undergraduate and postgraduate trainees. She is currently the Geriatric Medicine Undergraduate Coordinator, overseeing Clinical Clerks who undertake Selectives or Electives in Geriatric Medicine at McMaster, as well as the Site Coordinator for Postgraduate Trainees rotating through the Inpatient Geriatrics Consultation Service at St. Joseph's Hospital. 

Academic Interests

She is interested in better understanding how we create systemic attitudes toward the elderly within clinical education, and how we as a society can better care for older adults in the acute and chronic care settings.