Division of Gastroenterology

Chief of Service for Gastroenterology at St. Joseph's Healthcare

St Joseph’s Healthcare Charlton Hospital is an acute care hospital with over 600 beds.  There are 7 gastroenterologists based at St Joseph’s with a thriving in-patient and out-patient practice.  The hospital has a five-room endoscopy suite with facilities for upper GI endoscopy, colonoscopy, and offers advanced endoscopic techniques such as YAG laser therapy.

St Joseph’s hospital has facilities for measuring esophageal function and has set up a multidisciplinary swallowing clinic. Members of the GI Faculty have an interest in education and clinical research with a particular focus on functional GI disease, motility disorders, viral hepatitis and the management of upper GI bleeding.

Dr. David Morgan

Dr. David Morgan,
Chief of Service for Gastroenterology
St Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton

Chief of Service for Gastroenterology at St Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton

Dr. David Morgan

St. Joseph’s Healthcare
4th Floor Martha Wing, H429
50 Charlton Ave East
Hamilton, Ontario, L8N 4A6


Administrative Assistant: Deborah Urbanowicz