Department of Medicine

Oded Friedman


Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct), Department of Medicine







Master of Science, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto (2009)
MD, Graduated with Honours, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto (2002)
FRCPC, Nephrology (2007)
FRCPC, Internal Medicine (2006)


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O. Friedman, T.D. Bradley, A.G. Logan. Influence of Lower Body Positive Pressure on Upper Airway Cross-Sectional Area in Drug-Resistant Hypertension (Jan 2013). Hypertension, Vol. 61(1): p. 240-245.

O. Friedman, T.D. Bradley, C.T. Chan, R. Parkes, A.G. Logan. Relationship Between Overnight Rostral Fluid Shift and Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Drug-Resistant and Controlled Hypertensive Subjects (Dec 2010). Hypertension, Vol. 56(6): p. 1077-1082.

O. Friedman, F.A. McAlister, L. Yun, N.R.C. Campbell, K. Tu. Antihypertensive Drug Persistence and Compliance among Newly Treated Elderly Hypertensives (Feb 2010). American Journal of Medicine, Vol. 123(2): p. 173-181.
Oded Friedman.

O. Friedman, T.D. Bradley, P. Ruttanaumpawan, A.G. Logan. Independent Association of Drug-Resistant Hypertension to Reduced Sleep Duration and Efficiency (Feb 2010). American Journal of Hypertension, Vol. 23(2): p. 174-179.