Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism

Out-Patient Education

These form the bulk of the Resident's experience in Endocrinology. Each Resident is permitted to design a schedule according to his/her educational objectives. It is expected that the Resident will spend the majority of their time on their Endocrine rotation in outpatient clinics with exception being made for afternoon clinics on post-call days and academic half days.

Clinics in both general Endocrinology and Diabetology are available, according to the schedules below.


General Endocrinology Out-Patient Clinics

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Gerstein(Hend) Booth(MUMC) Prebtani(HGH) Booth(MUMC  
Harper(HGH) Punthakee(MUMC)   Harper(HGH)  
Prebtani(HGH) AM Prebtani (MUMC) Prebtani(HGH) AM Braga (SJH)  
Luthra(SJH) Braga (SJH)      


Diabetology Out-Patient Clinics

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Harper (MUMC) Booth(MUMC) Prebtani(MUMC) Harper(MUMC)

Hunt (MUMC) PM



Booth(MUMC 4F)PM



Braga (MUMC)

Booth (MUMC)PM

Hunt (JHCC) PM

Braga (SJH

 Braga (MUMC)