Division of Cardiology

Carlos Morillo


Professor (PT), Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine






Research Interests

  • Sympathetic Microneurography
  • Baroreflex modulation
  • Heart rate and blood pressure variability
  • Linear and non-linear dynamics of biological signals
  • Plethysmography
  • Lower body negative pressure
  • Tilt table testing

The primary focus of my work is the understanding of the physiologic mechanisms that control blood pressure and heart rate during different physiologic and non-physiologic stimuli in humans. I have a particular interest in baroreflex control both at the vagal and sympathetic levels and their role during different situations such as vasovagal syncope, supraventricular and ventricular tachycardias. I also have a great interest in the role of cardiovascular reflex responses and their prognostic value in coronary artery disease, sudden cardiac death and stroke.

Specific studies include:

  1. Investigation of cardiovascular autonomic control during orthostatic stress in subjects with recurrent vasovagal syncope.
  2. Determine the role of cardiac resynchronization therapy and restoration of cardiac and vascular reflexes.
  3. Determine the prognostic value of baroreflex sensitivity, heart turbulence and T wave alternans in patients at risk of sudden cardiac death.
  4. The effects of simulated ventricular tachycardia on sympathetic and vagal baroreflex mechanisms.
  5. Investigation of the normal baroreflex and vascular response to orthostatic stress in male and female and in different age groups.

Selected Publications

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