Division of Cardiology

Philip Joseph

MD, BASC, FRCPC - Cardiology and Internal Medicine

Associate Professor, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine

Investigator, Population Health Research

Cardiologist, Hamilton Health Sciences




Research Interesets

Dr. Joseph’s research interests consist of Nuclear Imaging of Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Global Cardiac Health. He is the Principal Investigator of the SPECT Study at PHRI as well as co-investigator on other studies.

Education and Professional Standing

Dr. Philip Joseph obtained his degrees at McMaster University in the BASC, and Science Program, 2000 as well as his MD at Western University, 2004.  In 2002 he was the receiver of the Horace and Clarice Wankel Memorial Award for Cardiovascular Research.  In 2010 he received the Compassionate Care Award from the University of Ottawa. In 2012-2013 he received both the Nuclear Cardiology Fellowship and the Radiology/Cardiology Fellowship at McMaster University. In 2015 he attended Harvard University to obtain his Nuclear Diagnostic Imaging Degree.  He is now on the Board of Nuclear Cardiology Medicine.   

Selected Publications

  1. Joseph, PG. Pare G, Asma S, Engert JC, Yusuf S, Anand SS; INTERHEART Investigators. Impact of a Genetic Risk Score on Myocardial Infarction Risk Across Different Ethnic Populations. Can J Cardiol 2016 Dec;32(12):1440-1446
  2. Chaudhuri D, Montgomery A, Gulenchyn K, Mitchell M, Joseph P. Effectiveness of Quality Improvement Interventions at Reducing Inappropriate Cardiac Imaging: A systematic review and Meta-Analysis . Circ Cardiovascul Qual Outcomes. 2016 jan;9(10:7-13)
  3. Joseph P, Pare G, Wallentin L, Connolly S, Yusuf S, Wang J, Ezekowitz M, Eikelboom J, Siegbahn A, Reilly P, Themeles E, Oldgren J, RE-LY Investigators. Dabigatran etexilate and reduction in serum apolipoprotein Heart 2016 Jan;102(1):57-62
  4. Joseph P, Burgman C, Bavare A, Akcan-Arikan A, Price JF, Adfachi I, Shekerdemian LS. Nature of underlying heart disease affects survival in pediatric patients undergoing extracorpeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation. J Thorac Cardiovascul Surg. Nov;148(5):2367-72
  5. Khatib R, Yusuf S, Barzilay JI, Papaioannou A, Thabane L, Gao P, Joseph PG, Teo KK, Mente A. Impact of lifestyle factors on fracture risk in older patients with cardiovascular disease: a prospective cohort study of 26, 335 individuals from 40 countries Age Aging 43(5):629-635
  6. Joseph PG, Pare G, Anand S. Exploring Gene Environment Interactions in Cardiovascular Disease. Can J Cardiol 29(1):37-45