Department of Medicine


Dr. Mark Crowther Dr. Jeffrey Weitz Dr. Akbar Panju Dr. Ameen Patel Dr. Helen Neighbour
Dr. Mark Crowther
Chair, Department of Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey Weitz
Associate Chair, Research
Dr. Akbar Panju
Associate Chair,
Dr. Ameen Patel
Associate Chair, Education
Dr. Sonia Anand
Associate Chair, Equity and Diversity
Dr. Helen Neighbour Dr. Lori Whitehead Ms. Annette Rosati Dr. Barry Lumb Dr. Alistair Ingram
Dr. Helen Neighbour
Medicine Clerkship Coordinator
Dr. Lori Whitehead
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program
Ms. Annette Rosati
Director of
Dr. Barry Lumb
Hamilton Health Sciences
Dr. Alistair Ingram
Chief of Medicine,
St. Joseph’s Healthcare


Division Directors

Cardiology Dr. P.J. Devereaux
Clinical Immunology and Allergy Dr. Judah Denburg
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Dr. Anne Holbrook
Critical Care Dr. Tim Karachi
Dermatology Dr. Hermenio Lima
Emergency Medicine Dr. Michelle Welsford
Endocrinology Dr. Hertzel Gerstein
Gastroenterology Dr. John Marshall
General Internal Medicine Dr. Akbar Panju
Geriatric Medicine Dr. Sharon Marr
Hematology and Thromboembolism Dr. Shannon Bates
Infectious Diseases Dr. Mark Loeb
Nephrology Dr. Scott Brimble
Neurology Dr. Wes Oczkowski
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dr. Shanker Nesathurai
Respirology Dr. Martin Kolb
Rheumatology Dr. Alfred A. Cividino