Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy

Research in Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy

Tthe Division of Clinical Immunology & Allergy at McMaster has an international
reputation for its work in SLE and related autoimmune diseases; mechanisms of
allergic inflammation; and respiratory inflammation and asthma.


The Division is involved in many research endeavours.

The principle themes are:

  • Systemic aspects of allergic inflammation and disease (with a focus on hemopoietic mechanisms)
  • Inflammation and immunity in relation to the respiratory tract, as well as in the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. peanut and other food allergy) and the joints.

Specific themes for which the group has international renown include:

  • SLE and related autoimmune diseases
  • Mechanisms of allergic inflammation
  • Respiratory inflammation and asthma

Clinical trials of various anti-allergic medications and new biologics in rhinitis, asthma, urticaria and sinusitis are ongoing and constitute a major strong point of the programme, with liaisons with other disciplines and subspecialties including, primarily, respirology and gastroenterology.

There exist many research opportunities for students, postdoctoral fellows and others pursuing continuing medical education for an investigative career.