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DNA and RNA platforms

MOBIX: DNA cycle sequencing and oligonucleotide synthesis

MOBIX is a full-service DNA sequencing facility conveniently located in the Life Sciences Building at McMaster University. They provide DNA cycle sequencing with rapid turnaround times. Sequencing, editing and troubleshooting services for difficult templates and cost-effective ligonucleotide synthesis and purifications and synthesis of custom-modified oligonucleotides are also available.

Contact the MOBIX Lab for more details.

ROCHE 454 high throughput DNA sequencing

A 454 sequencer is available for anyone wishing to sequence or resequence entire genomes or metagenomes. Full or partial plate sequencing and access to contig assembly software are available.

Contact Dr. Kathy McCoy for more details.

The Waller Family Gene Array Facility

The Waller Family Gene Array Facility offers Affymetrix oligonucleotide arrays for expression quantification, regulation and whole genome DNA analysis. The microarray service can currently process GeneChip Expression Arrays, GeneChip Exon Arrays and Genome-wide Human SMP and Mapping Arrays. The Gene Array facilty also provides software tools for data management and analysis covering all respective fields of functional genomics. The Affymetrix service is open to all academic and commercial labs.

Contact Dr. Dora Ilieva for more details.

McMaster Ancient DNA Centre

A number of assay modules are included in the McMaster Ancient DNA Centre which is designed to exclude contaminating nucleic acids from sample material. These modules include a human DNA clean room/extraction room, a faunal/floral ancient DNA clean room/extraction room and a post-extraction biobubble for amplification reactions and visualization of PCR products. The facility is equipped with a real-time PCR thermocycler for quantitations analysis and a HEPA filtered PCR containment hood suitable for the set up of contamination-free standards and reamplification reactions.

Contact Dr. Hendrik Poinar for more details.

Bioinformatics Support

Common Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) services are available through the Centre for Microbial Chemical Biology to facilitate universal access to information throughout networks. Support for your needs for consultation, data collection, data retrieval, data analysis software and processing platforms using the most up-to-date methods.

Contact Fazmin Nazim for more details.

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