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Reforms & Foundation Scheme Pilots

For the latest on CIHR reforms to the Open programs and peer review visit the CIHR Reforms webpage.


Grants and Awards Guide - Summary of Changes

CIHR announces launch of the revised Grants and Awards Guide. The following CIHR website highlights some of the changes.

1. Please be advised that as of the September 2012 OOG Operating Competition (201209MOP), applications will no longer be automatically considered for any Priority Announcement (PA) funding opportunity with the exception of prizes. Applicants must now select from the drop-down menu in their Research Net submission.

2. Renewed Common CV: A new version of the Canadian Common CV (CCV) is now available at Effective June 19, 2012, ResearchNET applications requiring a CCV must use the new version. Although 90% of data for existing CCV users was migrated to the new CCV, applicants are advised to plan for additional time to review their CV data and enter any additional information, even though you will be able to upload your contribution details in a PDF file while completing your application on Research Net. Use of the old CCV “Contributions Details” attachments is still allowed, with the exception of Interruptions & Delays which must be completed on the new CCV.

3. Information can be edited, amended and supplemented between Registration and Application stages, but 3 things that CANNOT change from Registration to Application stages are: Nominated PI, title, Peer Review Committee (PRC).

4. Paper signature pages are NO LONGER sent to CIHR.

5. CIHR has implemented a NEW Global submission deadline of 8:00 PM EST for ALL Research NET submissions.


CIHR Changes to Research Reporting System (RRS) Report

Changes to the CIHR Research Reporting System (RRS) will come into effect on April 9th, 2015. Please read below regarding how the changes will impact the RRS report, and what steps you can take to prepare for the transition.

What is Being Communicated to Current CIHR Grant Holders (who have open end-of-grant reports)

In light of these changes, it is recommended that grant holders who currently have open end-of-grant reports do the following:

  • Save any information relevant to the new “Lay Summary and Implications of Key Findings” question in a separate document so that it can be pasted into the new report once it is available on April 9th 2015. Information currently saved in the Research Findings sections of RRS reports will be deleted.
  • Save a copy of any submitted RRS reports (if desired). As of April 9th, 2015, submitted electronic final reports will not be available for printing/downloading in ResearchNet.
  • Researchers can continue to add information in the sections of the report not impacted by the changes during the transition. If you require a copy of a submitted RRS report, requests can be made to

In recognition of the inconvenience created by these changes, CIHR will extend the RRS report submission date by 6 months for those grant holders who have RRS reports due between April 2015 and August 2015.


Zero Tolerance

CIHR has implemented a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for incomplete applications. For more information on this policy visit


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