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McMaster's global footprint is far-reaching, and the university has developed partnerships with institutions in Brazil, Haiti, India, Japan, the Netherlands, North America, Tanzania, Thailand, the People's Republic of China, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and South Korea.

To view McMaster's inventory of international activities, partnerships and collaborations, see the most recent International Compendium 2014

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Capacity Building in Higher Education



St. Joseph Hospital (SJH) Outreach Program

The SJH outreach program, together with Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI) at Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, are working to improve the health of Ugandans through enhanced ultrasound education. Discussions are underway re the collaboration of SJH, ECUREI and McMaster to encourage residency opportunities and conduct research to assess low cost imaging technologies. The GHO continues to support faculty where necessary.


Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) funded study on Disability Experienced by those living with HIV in Zambia

The School of Rehabilitation Sciences is conducting a three-year longitudinal study to examine the disability experiences of men and women on anti-retrovirals and the perceived need for and use of health, rehabilitation and social services. The GHO provided showcasing and communication.



St. Luke's University

McMaster hosted a three-day workshop for the School of Health Sciences, St. Luke's University, focusing on research and education in midwifery. The workshop initiated a collaborative research project on the direct entry Midwifery Education Program and competencies for graduate midwives.

Niigata University Educational Seminar

Every year since 2006, the GHO and Mohawk College have collaboratively hosted 10 Health Science faculty and 40 students from Niigata University. The seminar provides an educational forum to compare healthcare education and delivery systems.


Patan Academy of Health Sciences, Lalitpur

The McMaster Department of Medicine hosted guest lecturer Dr. Jay N. Shah, Vice-Chancellor of the Patan Academy of Health Sciences. Capacity-building discussions are underway and a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Department of Medicine and the Patan Academy is in review.


Sultan Qaboos University Nursing Internship Program

McMaster University partnered with Hamilton Health Sciences to provide an eight-week nursing internship program. The GHO provided communication and exposure. Ten BScN graduate students completed the internship, obtaining a minimum of 288 hours of clinical training.

Saudi Arabia

King Saud University (KSU), Riyadh

Dr. Andrea Baumann and Dr. Holger Schünemann, Chair of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, are working with Dr. Mazen Hassanain, Assistant Professor, KSU, re enrolment of KSU medical doctors in the Health Research Methodology program. The GHO and KSU are facilitating collaboration between the two universities, and negotiations are proceeding with KSU and the Ministry of Health.

Sulaiman Al Rajhi Colleges (SRC), Bukairyah

A feasibility study to develop capacity building for a new nursing school at SRC has been completed.

King Fahad Specialist Hospital (KFSU)

The GHO provides support for faculty at McMaster and KFSU who are engaged in capacity building in medicine, nursing and allied health professions in Dammam.

Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau (SACB)

The GHO provides support for SACB delegation visits to McMaster and is involved in ongoing communication with the Department of Medicine and SACB Medical and Health Science programs.


Praboromarajchanok Institute of Health Workforce Development (PIHWD), Ministry of Public Health

The GHO hosted a series of educational seminars for 82 PIHWD health sciences representatives. The delegation represented all health disciplines and included government officials. Discussions focused on teaching and evaluation strategies, comparison of healthcare delivery systems and funding models. The Daily News, published June 2, 2014, provides highlights of the successful event.



University Of The Algarve

The University of the Algarve and McMaster held several meetings and provided delegations to discuss the McMaster medical curriculum and faculty development educational offerings.


Embassy of Switzerland in Ottawa & Consulate General of Switzerland in Toronto

The Embassy of Switzerland and the Consulate General of Switzerland hosted a networking event focussing on Canadian and Swiss university experiences. The GHO has been in communication with Swiss educational institutions re reciprocal nursing exchange initiated by the Consul General of Switzerland and the University of Basel in October 2009.

North America

Canada & the United States

Building Leaders in Public Mental Health in North America

McMaster is one of six academic institutions from Canada, Mexico and the United States that collaboratively created a public mental health curriculum to improve practices and build capacity for mental health professionals in North America. A four-year partnership enabled the consortium to Educate psychiatrists about the North American public healthcare systems and prepare them for leadership roles Develop an innovative curriculum, including teaching materials, methods and modules to advance training programs in mental healthcare in each participating country

Canadian International Development awarded a grant of $400,000 (CDA) over 3 years (Department of Psychiatry).


Calgary, Alberta: Mount Royal University (MRU)

McMaster's Midwifery Education Program supported MRU in facilitating its midwifery curriculum. MRU purchased three courses from McMaster's Midwifery Education Program, including reproductive physiology, pharmacotherapy and life sciences for clinical practice.

Department of Political Science, McMaster University

The GHO is co-sponsoring the 2014 Graduate Student Conference on the Internationalization of Public Policy - Mapping the Global Dimensions, hosted by the Department of Political Science.

The 2013 conference had over 100 registrants with 28 student papers from various disciplines and institutions. The conference provides networking opportunities for faculty, students and distinguished guest speakers.

Trinidad and Tobago

University Of West Indies (UWI)

McMaster University and the UWI developed an oncology nursing program in Trinidad and Tobago. Several faculty delegations went to the West Indies.

This revenue-generating opportunity is funded by the Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago.

South America


Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Partnership in Medicine Capacity Building

PUC-Rio sought partnership with McMaster University's School of Medicine for capacity building in medicine. A faculty delegation provided a workshop on medical evaluation.

Centro Universitário de Anápolis (UniEVANGÉLICA)

The Centre for Leadership in Learning, in collaboration with the GHO, hosted a 52-member delegation of prominent Brazilian higher education professionals from the Higher Education Association of the State of São Paulo and UniEVANGÉLICA. This was a follow-up of a faculty workshop on medical evaluation held onsite in Brazil and resulted in adoption of evaluation processes such as the OSCE and the PPI.

University Affiliations & Innovative Partnerships

Aga Khan University (AKU)

The year 2009 marked the Silver Anniversary of the collaboration between the McMaster University School of Nursing and the AKU. History of the partnership dates back to 1979, when the Aga Khan Medical College and Hospital approached the School of Nursing to assist in the development of nursing in Pakistan. The Presidents of AKU and McMaster signed an MOU to cooperate in joint educational ventures, including the development of a concept paper on The Aga Khan Global Centre for Nursing Excellence.

Bangladesh: Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) awarded the partnership between Cowater International Inc., the McMaster University School of Nursing, Plan Canada and the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing a five-year grant (2012–2017) to improve maternal and neonatal health in Bangladesh.

McMaster has taken the lead on the design and implementation of workshops for planning, production and management of human resources for health and curriculum development.

Maastricht University, the Netherlands

In 2010, McMaster University developed a graduate program in partnership with Maastricht University in the Netherlands. The Master of Science in Global Health was approved (Ontario Council on Graduate Studies) in 2009. It is an interdisciplinary program in cooperation with the faculties of business, social science and health science. It includes affiliations with Manipal University in India and Thammasat University in Thailand. There is a unique international Advisory Board comprised of global health experts and nongovernmental organizations that assists the development of the ongoing global curriculum.

North West University (NWU), South Africa

There was an agreement between NWU and FHS to develop capacity in education and research for post-graduate education and faculty development. NWU signed an MOU with the McMaster School of Nursing.

Outcome: A grant application obtained $2 million (CAD) from the Atlantic Philanthropies (New York) for the Health Science Department at NWU to build the educational capacity of faculty and staff over 5 years.

Syiah Kuala University (SKU), Indonesia

The SKU Faculty of Medicine and the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine are exploring collaboration in medical education, faculty development, healthcare research and policy, with an interest in exchange opportunities. The universities have had an informal partnership since 2006. A letter of intent was recently drawn up in order to move forward with an MOU.

International Delegations & Visiting Scholars



Ministry of Health, Hawassa University and Mekelle University

A delegation of senior officials visited McMaster University as part of an Ethiopian task force established to build capacity in medicine.


Visiting Student, Aga Khan University (AKU), Nairobi


Ministry of Health

The Libyan delegation expressed interest in the following: two-year fellowship experiences in acute care medicine and surgery, advice on restructuring the healthcare system, personnel and masters-level training in medical education and health research methodology. The delegation is preparing a needs assessment for review by McMaster faculty.

South Africa

University of Venda

The University Registrar visited the School of Nursing to seek collaboration in student/faculty exchange initiatives.


Makerere College of Health Sciences

Longstanding multidisciplinary collaborations have been coordinated through St. Joseph's International Outreach Program with organizations in Uganda.



Visiting Scholar: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Beirut


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The President and a delegation visited McMaster to discuss possible collaborations in health sciences.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU)

The Dean of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, HKPU, visited the GHO to discuss the upcoming traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meeting and approaches to integrating TCM with conventional Western medicine in oncology.


Tokai University

Delegates met with emergency and trauma relief nurses from Hamilton Health Sciences and faculty from the School of Nursing with expertise in pediatric and adult care. They attended tours by the Pediatric Critical Care Unit and the Centre for Simulation Based Learning.

Tokyo Metropolitan University & Showa University

Interested in improving the teaching/learning methodologies of statistics and epidemiology in nursing, Japanese delegates met with faculty from the School of Nursing and toured the Centre for Simulation Based Learning.

Tokyo's Women's University School of Nursing

To learn more about McMaster's Health Sciences curricula, the delegation observed PBL tutorials and met with faculty members and students in both the BScN and BHSc programs.

Visiting Scholar: Professor, School of Nursing Kanagawa University of Human Services
The Office of International Affairs – Consul-General of Japan, Toronto

The Office of International Affairs, McMaster University, hosted the Consul-General of Japan in Toronto who delivered a presentation entitled, "Japan in Asia and its Relations to Canada: Under the New Abe (Prime Minister Shinzo Abe) Administration." Following the presentation, attendees were invited to participate in a question and answer period with the Consul-General.


Aga Khan University

A delegation visited McMaster to advance the planning of the collaborative partnership model between AKU and McMaster.

Fatima Memorial System

Delegates visited the GHO to discuss faculty and student exchange. Preliminary discussions focused on the necessity of a needs-based assessment and the possibility of a consulting contract.

Visiting Scholar: Director of Clinical Service, Aga Khan University Hospital

Saudi Arabia

King Fahad Specialist Hospital (KFSH)

A delegation visited McMaster to discuss capacity building in nursing and the allied health professions and seek assessment for international accreditation and professional standards. The visit included discussions about academic degrees in nursing, leadership management programs through modules and distance education and the interprofessional program for healthcare leadership management.

King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Department of Medicine, Dammam

KFSH was interested in working with a Canadian university for organizing medical sites in Dammam. The GHO invited Kasian Architecture Ontario Inc. to discuss a potential public-private partnership.

King Saud University, Department of Medicine, Riyadh

Delegates visited McMaster to explore post-graduate collaboration in medicine and investigate avenues for capacity building in research, faculty development, post-graduate education, bridging residency and fellowship placements at McMaster University.

South Korea

Visiting Scholar: Associate Professor, Department Of Nursing Semyung University, and Associate Professor, Department Of Nursing, Inje University


Fu Jen Catholic University

Dean of the Medical College visited the GHO to discuss the implementation of PBL.


Canada Vietnam Business Council (CVBC)

The GHO hosted a delegation from CVBC to fulfill their mandate to increase trade and investment opportunities between Canada and Vietnam.

United Arab Emirates

Institute of European Education

An MOU was signed with the Institute for European Education in Dubai. A delegation of faculty from the Institute for European Education visited McMaster to meet with the Deans from Business, Engineering, Humanities and Science. Preliminary discussions addressed building capacity in nursing in Dubai.

South America


Evangelical University School of Medicine, Medical Education Workshop

Faculty from Medicine, CE&B and the GHO at McMaster traveled to Brazil to host an interactive workshop on McMaster's medical education program.


Asociacion Colombiana de Facultades de Medicina

A delegation of 13 physicians (Deans and Directors of medical institutions across Colombia) visited McMaster. Discussions focused on participation in the 5th Annual International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute and the medical degree program at McMaster.


Universidad Autonoma in San Luis Potosi

The Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Nursing and a nursing student from Universidad Autonoma visited McMaster. Faculty, staff and students from the School of Nursing met with the visitors to discuss McMaster's nursing curricula. Visitors also had the opportunity to learn more about developing a School of Rehabilitation Science at Universidad Autonoma.

North America


University of British Columbia (UBC)

McMaster and UBC have discussed a collaborative educational program. The partners proposed development of a 30-credit online Master's degree in international surgery, with additional courses in disaster response, global disability and epidemiology.

United States

Mayo Clinic Florida

The Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic Florida, visited McMaster to discuss undergraduate medical education.

Drexel University, Philadelphia

The GHO planned and organized an educational workshop for doctor of nursing practice students and faculty from Drexel University. Topics included the Canadian healthcare system, health service research, evolving healthcare roles and the healthcare reform system.



University Of Verona

A representative from the Department of Medicine and Public Health visited McMaster to learn more about evidence-based practice implementation. The GHO hosted a delegation of 13 nurses from various schools of nursing in Italy to discuss McMaster's research programs and possible future collaborations.


Vestfold University College (VUC)

Since 2012, the GHO has been engaged in ongoing discussions with VUC re establishing a capacity-building partnership. Areas of interest include global health, knowledge-based practice, management and supervision in nursing programs and McMaster's preceptorship and nurse practitioner programs.


Consul General of Switzerland

The Consul General of Switzerland and faculty from the University of Basel visited the GHO to discuss a mutual reciprocal exchange for nursing graduate students.


Visiting Scholar: Assistant Professor, Department Of Nursing Management, Dokuz Eylul, University

United Kingdom

Oxford Brookes University

Dr. Andrea Baumann met with Dr. David Sanderson, Director of the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) at Oxford Brookes University and Visiting Professor of Urban Planning at Harvard University, re designing an acute emergency relief course. Key topics included funding, course structure and potential collaboration between the universities. The assessment of comparable course offerings at other universities is currently under discussion.

Visiting Scholar: Nursing Directorate, National Health Services East of England

International Activities & Initiatives

McMaster University International Compendium, 2014

The GHO conducted a survey to compile an inventory of international activities across campus. The McMaster International Compendium 2014 includes over 300 project submissions. Faculty submitted 34 collaborative international projects involving two or more departments. The contributions identify McMaster's dedication to cross-collaboration globally and within its internal community and reinforce the connectedness between faculties and departments.

The results of the survey show that McMaster is involved with projects in over 130 countries in which it has built over 1250 partnerships. These global partnerships involve a culture of integrity and a shared responsibility among the faculty, departments and schools across nations and cultures and within communities.

View the McMaster International Compendium 2009

International Strategy Advisory Group (ISAG), President Deane

McMaster's President Deane commissioned ISAG to oversee the coordination and planning of international activities on campus, using a pan-university approach. ISAG will operate in coordination with the newly restructured Office of International Affairs. Representation includes the AVP of Students and Learning and Dean of Students, AVP and Dean of Graduate Studies, AVP of Global Health, AVP of Faculty, representatives from the University Research Council and University Advancement/ Alumni Relations and up to three additional faculty members.

McMaster University's Internationalization Task Force

The President and Vice-Chancellor created the Internationalization Task Force. Membership was comprised of faculty and students from across the university, including the Associate Vice-President, Global Health. The goal of the task force was to produce a report outlining strategies to move forward with internationalization at McMaster, including the following:

  • Understanding the definition of internationalization
  • Sustaining international initiatives and partnerships
  • Increasing McMaster's profile on the international stage
  • Ensuring all McMaster students are exposed to international perspectives

Read the Internationalization Task force paper

The Expert Panel on Canada's Strategic Role in Global Health

Involvement in a consultation sponsored by the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences to examine Canada's role in global health.

Provost's International Activities Ad Hoc Committee (IAAC)

A committee was called by the Provost to describe the international activities in progress across campus and address how they are communicated. The committee produced outcomes on a two-stage response.


The GHO is an institutional member of AcademyHealth, which includes over 24 medical universities in North America (mainly American).

Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research Activities

Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research

The Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research, in partnership with the federal government, invited experts from universities and organizations across Canada to provide advice and information on university-based global health programs.

McMaster – Brock Global Annual Health Research Forum

The GHO supports initiatives between McMaster University, Brock University and the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research.

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) & World Health Organization (WHO) Activities

WHO Collaborating Centre (WHOCC) Health Human Resources and Primary Care, McMaster University

The GHO hosts one of the two WHOCCs. The McMaster University School of Nursing is one of 44 satellite offices worldwide in the Global Network of WHOCCs for Nursing and Midwifery development.

Reception for His Excellency, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah

The Associate Vice-President, Global Health, attended a reception in honour of the Minister of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

International Q-Methodology Conference: A Method for Modern Research

This conference is held annually in different locations around the world for members of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity. It was hosted by the GHO in 2008.

Global Health Education Events

International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute

The International Interdisciplinary Summer Institute is an annual educational event organized and offered by the GHO. It provides faculty from around the world with an opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn about McMaster's educational methodologies. The Institute engages experts in curriculum development, student evaluation, e-learning and faculty development.

Over the past 6 years, the GHO has welcomed participants from 24 institutions across 16 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil and Denmark. Most participants are educators responsible for curriculum and educational planning and represent various disciplines such as medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical science, scientific journalism and midwifery.

Global Health Speaker Series

The GHO developed the annual Global Health Speaker Series in 2010. Preeminent experts from all corners of the globe have participated. Topics range from earthquake management to teleradiology in developing countries.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Global Health

The Global Health program and the Computer Services Department have created a large-scale online method for information dissemination. This free open-access learning model will educate people worldwide about global health issues. The GHO is in the midst of re-launching the MOOCs as a collaborative project with McMaster's AVP Teaching and Learning, Dr. Arshad Ahmad.

International Grants & Contract Submissions

Vestfold University College, Norway

Faculty of Vestfold University College and the GHO are exploring long-term partnership development opportunities in faculty and student exchange. The two universities submitted a proposal for funding.

King Saud University (KSU), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The GHO, KSU and the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster are negotiating a potential contract to train (on an annual basis) postgraduate medical students in health research methodology.

Pan Canadian Medical School Alliance

The GHO worked within a team to negotiate a new contract and fees for accepting international medical residents and clinical fellows.

Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (GUCM), Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPU)

Faculty from McMaster University, GUCM and HKPU met to explore a collaborative partnership to enhance the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western conventional medicine.

Initiatives in Haiti

Faculty of Health Science - Anesthesia, Surgery and Nursing, Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE)

In collaboration with the McMaster Department of Anesthesia and Department of Surgery, the McMaster School of Nursing formed a partnership with the State University of Haiti's Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, the National School of Nursing and a Haitian-based nongovernment organization to conduct a project addressing education and primary healthcare in Haiti.

North West University (NWU), South Africa

The Atlantic Philanthropies

St. Joseph's Community Healthcare System

St. Joseph's Community Healthcare System in Hamilton has had a longstanding relationship with the anesthesia chief in Guyana to develop a new anesthesia curriculum to elevate their level of practice. The Centre for Simulation Based Learning at McMaster has provided the infrastructure for the distance-managed use of the simulation program to support trauma instruction in Guyana.

Department of Radiology/St. Joseph's Community Healthcare System

The department of Radiology has partnered with two African Institutions, Adekunle Ajasin University (Nigeria) and Makerere University (Uganda), for a strategic planning partnership that will allow the two universities to enhance their roles in teaching, research, human resources development, storage and dissemination of knowledge and contribution to national, regional and international co-operation and understanding.

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