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Guide to Research Administration: Grant/Contract Awarded

The Researcher

Once a research proposal has been funded, the Researcher must ensure that CSD/ROADS are aware of the terms, conditions and amount of the award if they have not ready done so.

The Department

When a research grant is awarded, the Department will ensure that mechanisms are in place to allow the research to be carried out. This will include such things as personnel issues, space requirements, and administration assistance that the Department will provide to the Researcher. The Department may also assist the Researcher in setting up various "automatic monthly charges" for University services, such as photocopying, telephone, laundry and animal quarters.


For successful peer-reviewed applications, CSD/ROADS will be aware of the award, and will assist the Researcher/Department in establishing the necessary support mechanisms (ethics, space etc.) for the grant. In the event that the research is contractual in nature, the Contracts office will ensure that all terms of the agreement are understood by the Researcher and the Department.

In order to activate an account, the relevant office will ensure that the award notice is forwarded to Research Finance, complete with terms of the award, and information such as the account signing authorities. If the project is not a peer-reviewed award, the researcher will have to complete a "request for account" form which itemizes the above-mentioned information.

Funds designated for specific projects should not be deposited into accounts set up for existing projects. Accounts are audited by/for external agencies, and mixing funds and expenses of different projects can be problematic. The staff from these offices can advise on the appropriate practice.

Research Finance

Once the award letter and request for account form have been received by Research Finance, an Award Notice will be generated, and sent to the Principal Investigator. This form gives the Researcher important grant information, such as start and end dates, grant name, budget categories and budget amounts.

It is important to note that a new research account must be established for new projects, and that mixing different project funding and the related expenses is not permitted. Peer-reviewed grants (which require financial reports to the granting agency) MUST be in separate accounts.

Research Finance will enter the budget (where available) on the Financial Accounting System. Budgets aid the researcher in tracking spending, and help Research Finance ensure that funds are being spent in accordance with agency guidelines. Often, grants from private agencies do not have specified budgets, but it is strongly recommended that researchers develop a budget, to help in the financial management of the account.

Research Finance will NOT set up a new research account without written confirmation of funding from the agency, and in most cases, specified terms of how and when funds will be received. This is particularly important for non-peer-reviewed accounts ( "miscellaneous") to ensure the stability of the funding.

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