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The BEEM Course is a 12-hour interactive continuing medical education program created by our medical education research team for all emergency physicians with an interest in being up-to-date on the most recent emergency medicine-related studies and how to understand and evaluate the evidence behind the results. This CME presents the best literature with the highest potential impact on clinical practice and teaches the principles of evidence-based medicine in a fun and interactive way.

The BEEM Course has been successfully held in six countries. If you'd like to host a BEEM Course in your area, contact us at beemcanada@gmail.com.

SteelBEEM, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
April 20-21, 2015

Dundurn National Historic Site, 610 York Blvd. (map), Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
*Easy highway access and onsite parking is free of charge.

Credit PaulTavares.smugmug.com

We are very excited to host 2015 SteelBEEM at the Dundurn National Historic Site. One of Hamilton's most-recognized landmarks, Dundurn Castle is a National Historic Site that illustrates the life and times of Sir Allan Napier MacNab (1798 - 1862).

Dundurn Castle was constructed over a three-year period, and completed by 1835. Designed by a young English Architect, Robert Wetherall, Dundurn was built around the brick shell of Colonel Richard Beasley's colonial home. Designed as a fashionable Regency style villa, Dundurn (Gaelic for "strong fort") was nicknamed "Castle" by the citizens of Hamilton. The Castle, with its gardens, grounds and many unusual outbuildings, was one of the finest estates in the province.

Today, Dundurn Castle has been restored to the year 1855 when MacNab was at the height of his career as a lawyer, landowner, railway magnate and Premier of the United Canadas (1854-56). Over 40 rooms, above and below stairs, have been furnished to compare the life of a prominent Victorian family with that of their servants. Costumed staff guide visitors through the home, illustrating daily life from the 1850s.

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Big Apple BEEM, New York, New York

QueBEEM, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
September 21-22, 2015


February 1 - 3, 2016 - Registration Coming Soon!!!



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