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Chanchlani Global Health Research From left: Drs Sonia Chanchlani, Jaya Chanchlani, Camara Jones, Tina Chanchlani, Sonia Anand.Award & Lecture

We had the privilege of hearing Dr Camara Jones speak about race and racism, and its negative impact on health. We encourage you to watch the lecture here.

After the lecture, the Chanchlani family awarded Dr Jones with the 7th Chanchlani Global Health Research Award.




A Message from the Director:Population Genomics Program (PGP)

I am pleased to welcome you to the Chanchlani Research Centre. We are a vibrant group of researchers who investigate the intersection of genomics and culture on human health. Thanks to a generous donation by the Chanchlani family and with support from McMaster University, we have the infrastructure both human and physical to undertake large scale genomics projects as related to chronic diseases. The Centre provides an ideal training group for students in statistics, epidemiology, and medicine and by investigating how genomics intersects with health, some of our researchers consider the socio-cultural and clinical application of such information. Further, once a year we award the Chanchlani Global Health Research Award to an outstanding scientist whose research impacts global health.

Sonia Anand

Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Tel: 905 525 9140 x 21523
Fax: 905-528 2814

About Chanchlani Research Centre

Vasu Chanchlani is an Indo-Canadian serial entreprenueur, philanthropist and trans-nations builder. He is co-founder of the Sigma Group of Companies and a founding member of the Canada India Foundation. He is best known for his efforts towards improving Canada-India relations through his philanthropic activities and engagement with Indian Diaspora to serve bilateral interests of both Canada and India.

Vasu and his wife Dr. Jaya Chanchlani have set up a $10 million fund (through $1 million seed) to set up the Chanchlani Research Centre. The Centre will encourage scientists to find environmental and genetic causes of cardio vascular diseases widely prevalent within South Asians and those of South Asian origin in Canada. He has also endowed $250,000 at McMaster to give every year the Chanchlani Global Heath Research Award along with $25,000 for the best global research for heart and diabetes among South Asians.