Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

HEI Committees

HEI Steering Committee

Monthly meetings held 3rd Thursday @ 11:30 (September through June)

HEI Appointments, Tenure and Promotion Committee

Monthly meetings held after Steering Committee meetings

HEI Special Events Committee

This committee organizes the annual Research Day as well as the monthly seminar series

Labelle Lectureship Committee

HEI Steering Committee Members:

Appointed Members

Holger Schunemann, Chair
Lehana Thabane, Associate Chair
Noel Fraser, Department Manager
Steve Hanna, Assistant Dean, HRM Program
Alfonso Iorio, Department Education Coordinator
Julie Emili, Public Health and Preventative Medicine Director
Ann McKibbon, eHealth Program Director
Lisa Schwartz, Health Policy Program Director

Elected Members

Kathy Bennett, Professor Representative
Joseph Beyene, Associate Professor Representative
Meredith Vanstone, Assistant Professor Representative
Michael Wilson, Assistant Professor Representative
Lina Santaguida, Part-Time Faculty Representative
Melissa Kimber, PhD Student Representative
Alexandra Mayhew, MSc Student Representative
Roxanne Cheeseman, Cynthia Lokker, Leah Macdonald, HEI Staff Representatives

HEI Appointments, Tenure and Promotion Committee Members:

Chair, HEI - Holger Schünemann
Associate Chair, HEI - Lehana Thabane
HRM Program Director - Steve Hanna
Department Education Coordinator - Alonso Iorio
Professor Representative - Kathryn Bennett
Associate Professor Representative - Joseph Beyene
Assistant Professor Representative - Meredith Vanstone
Assistant Professor Representative - Michael Wilson

Members at the Assistant Professor level are not involved in decisions regarding
Tenure/CAWAR and Promotion.

HEI Special Events Committee Members:

Robby Nieuwlaat (Chair)
Erika Arseneau
Kathryn Bennett
Elizabeth DeGrow
Noel Fraser
Melissa Kimber
Mitch Levine
Lisa Schwartz
Michael Wilson

Labelle Lectureship Committee Members:

Ron Goeree (Chair)
Stephen Birch
Elizabeth DeGrow
Christine Henderson
John Lavis
Daria O’Reilly
Feng Xie