Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics

The CE&B Central Administrative Team

Department Information

CE&B’s central-administration team helps the department thrive despite all challenges!

It offers sound professional support to faculty members, research staff and graduate students.

Photo of Kathy Jones Photo of Liz DeGrow

Kathy Jones
X 22132

Liz DeGrow
X 22883

Phone icon   905.525.9140

Department Chair Holger SchünemannX 24931

Photo of Dr. Holger Schünemann

Department Chair, Holger Schünemann

Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C16
905.525.9140 Ext: 24931

APT Coordinator and Staff Support for Department Chair

Photo of Heather Carr

Heather Carr, Tenure and Promotion Coordinator

Administers faculty recruitment, appointment, promotion, tenure and annual
career review procedures.

Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C17
905.525.9140 X 26004

Charmaine Fraser, Administrative Coordinator

Provides administrative support to the Department Chair.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C16
905.525.9140 X 24931

Department Manager Noel FraserX 23331

Photo of Noel Fraser

Department Manager, Noel Fraser

Overall responsibility for planning, managing, and operating the department.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C5B
905.525.9140 Ext: 23331

Human Resources Manager Pat Taylor (Wilson) X 22690

Photo of Pat Taylor

Pat Taylor (Wilson), Human Resource Manager

Manages all human resource components of department staff.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C5
905.525.9140 X 22690

Human resources management: support for drafting staff job descriptions; recruiting, selecting, and orienting new staff; probation monitoring and assistance; performance management; interpreting and applying collective agreements; and health and safety regulations; allocating suitable space, furniture and equipment.

HR Administrative Staff Lynn JarrettX 22883

Photo of Lynn Jarrett

Lynn Jarrett, Administrative Assistant - Human Resources

Provides administrative support to human resource and department operating functions.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C1A-3
905.525.9140 X 22883

Finance Manager Ksenija KasumovichX 22665

Photo of Ksenija Kasumovich

Ksenija Kasumovich, Finance Manager

Manages all financial components of department research (both pre and post-award) and central operating systems.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C4
905.525.9140 X 22665

Finance management: reviewing and approving research grant and contract proposals; administering research grant and contract awards with complex demands for reporting and monitoring; account administration (including customized reports to faculty members and granting agencies, and processing thousands of transactions per year); checking and advising on university and FHS policies and procedures.

Finance Administrative Staff

Photo of, left to right: Kathy Jones, Pat Smith, Eileen Carey, Linda Clements and Debbie Robinson

Left to right: Kathy Jones, Pat Smith, Eileen Carey, Linda Clements and Debbie Robinson

Debbie Robinson, Linda Clements, Patricia Smith

Finance Coordinators
Provide financial management and administrative support for research accounts.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C5A
Debbie Robinson: 22200  |  E-mail:  |  Room: HSC-2C3
Linda Clements: 20206  |  E-mail:  |  Room: HSC-2C5A
Patricia Smith: 22662  |  E-mail:  |  Room: HSC-2C5A

Kathy Jones, Administrative Secretary/Financial

Provides administrative support for accounts payable and receivable processes.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C1A-1
905.525.9140 Ext: 22132

Staff Support for the Health Research Methodology Graduate Program.

Photo of Kristina Vukelic

Kristina Vukelic, Program Manager,
Health Research Methodology Graduate Program

Manages/administers all HRM courses.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C7B
905.525.9140 X 22218

Photo of Sophia Piro

Sophia Piro, Program Assistant,
Health Research Methodology Graduate Program

Administers HRM courses and provides administrative support to the HRM Assistant Dean.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C
905.525.9140 X 26236

Photo of Lorraine Carroll

Lorraine Carroll, Admissions Coordinator,
Health Research Methodology Graduate Program

Administers all student-related activities from admissions to graduation.
Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C1
905.525.9140 X 27718

Staff Support for the Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency Program

Photo of Tania Baricevic

Tania Baricevic, Program Coordinator,
Public Health

Health Sciences Centre, Room 2C2
905.525.9140 X 22356

The department is successful by many measures... the quality, collegiality and productivity of the CE&B faculty; the strength of highly skilled research and administrative staff; and the quality of educational programs and the excellent students they attract.