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Dr. Holger Schünemann
Dr. Holger Schünemann,
Department Chair

From its founding in 1968 with David Sackett as its first Department Chair, CE&B has grown, diversified, and established an international reputation through the rigour and impact of its research and education programs. While famed for its roots in evidence-based medicine and clinical trials, the department’s strengths now add up to much more than the CE&B name suggests. Continued

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Photo of Dr. Russell de Souza

Russell de Souza is lead author on BMJ article showing no increased risk from saturated fats

de Souza's study has found that that trans fats are associated with greater risk of death and coronary heart disease, but saturated fats are not associated with an increased risk of death, heart disease, stroke, or Type 2 diabetes. More ►

Photo of Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Gordon Guyatt study finds steroid therapy benefits patients with pneumonia

Gordon Guyatt is senior investigator on study demonstrating the benefits of corticosteroid therapy for one of the most common serious medical conditions. More ►

CE&B Researchers awarded $37.2M for health research

Photo of Dr. Salim YusufPhoto of Dr. PJ DevereauxPhoto of Dr. Sonia AnandPhoto of Dr. Deborah CookPhoto of Dr. Jean-Eric TarridePhoto of Dr. Mike WalshPhoto of Dr. Sarah McDonaldPhoto of Dr. Magdalena Janus

CE&B health researchers will receive a total of $37.2M from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research to further their high-impact research, the federal government announced today. The funds will support research ranging from a better understanding of how to combat bacteria to improving critical care, and from studying cardiovascular issues around the world to examining the relationship between the gut and the brain. More ►

Dr. Maureen Dobbins receives $5.3M from Public Health for National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools. more ►

Deborah Cook initaties Three Wishes Project to bring peace to the final days of critically ill patients and to ease the grieving process. more ►
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Paul Moayyedi research study may help to reduce the risk of gastric cancer. more ►

Tim Whelan research finds additional radiation reduces breast-cancer recurrence for some patients more ►

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David L Sackett
David Sackett


  • Conducts world-leading research into the nature, prevention and management of health care problems
  • Conceives, designs, organizes and implements ground-breaking clinical trials
  • Bridges the health and social sciences to better understand and apply health services management, health policy and health economics
  • Influences how health-care decisions are made through research and service in health informatics and knowledge transfer, and
  • Promotes the principles and practice of evidence-based medicine through knowledge-translation research and educational offerings.
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