Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Christel (Chris) Woodward

BSc (SUNY), MA (Ohio State), PhD (Ohio State)

Professor Emeritus, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact






Academic Interests

Dr. Woodward's published work includes book chapters, monographs and articles on medical education, health human resource planning, quality of care assessment, utilization of medical services, survey research methods, the epidemiology of child psychiatric disorders and of school-based injuries, home care and women in medicine. She has served as a consultant to the World Health Organization, several federal task forces, to the Ministries of Health, Education, and Community and Social Services provincially, and to medical organizations both provincially and nationally. Current research interests include continuity in community and home care, analysis of physician behaviour; the impact of women on medicine; quality of care assessment, including the use of standardized patients and the evaluation of health care programs.

Selected Publications

  1. Woodward CA, Abelson J, Tedford S, Hutchison B. What is important to continuity in home care? Perspectives of key stakeholders. Social Science &Medicine,2004, 58:177-192.
  2. Abelson J, Tedford S, Woodward CA, Hutchison B. Managing under managed community care: the experiences of clients, providers and managers in Ontario’s competitive home care sector. Health Policy, 2004, 68(3):359-372.
  3. Howard, M, Trim, K, Woodward, CA, Dolovich L, Sellors, C, Kaczorowski J, Sellors, J. Collaboration between community pharmacists and family physicians: Lessons learned from the seniors medication assessment research trial (SMART) J. AM. Pharm. Assoc. September/October 2003 45(5):566-572.
  4. Cunningham CE, Woodward CA, Shannon HS, McIntosh J, Lendrum B, Rosenbloom D, et. al. Readiness for organizational change: a longitudinal study of workplace, psychological and behavioral correlates. J Occup Organizational Psychol, 2002, 75(4:, 377-39).
  5. Woodward CA, Ferrier B, Cohen M, Brown J. Professional Activity: How is Work Time Changing Among a Cohort of Family Physicians? Can Fam Physician, 2001;47:1414-1421.
  6. Woodward CA, Shannon HS, Cunningham C, McIntosh J, Lendrum B, Rosenbloom D, et al. The Impact of Re-engineering and Other Cost Reduction Strategies on the Staff of a Large Teaching Hospital: A Longitudinal Study. Med Care, 1999;37(6):556-569.

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