Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Robin Roberts

BSc (Bradford), MSc (Brunell)

Professor Emeritus, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

905.521.2100 ext. 40749

Neonatal Trials Group
DBCVSRI Level 4, C4-108
Hamilton General Hospital Campus
237 Barton Street East
Hamilton, ON  L8L 2X2


Academic Interests

Professor Roberts is a biostatistician with broadly based experience in epidemiological research in etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. His early interests involved cancer epidemiology, particularly applied to occupational exposures. In the mid 80’s his research focus moved into the design, execution, and analysis of randomized controlled trials. The primarily therapeutic target has been vascular disease but more recent studies have also included neonatal interventions. He was a principal investigator of large international trials providing pivotal evidence for the regulatory approval of the platelet active drugs Ticlopidine and Clopidogrel for the prevention of major ischemic events. He is currently a member of the Steering Committees of a number of major national and international trials in the role of methodologist and chief biostatistician. He also sits on the Safety Committees of a number of other major trials. Professor Roberts is the senior biostatistician at the Hamilton Civic Hospitals Research Centre where he provides ongoing methodologic support to his colleagues and clinician researchers in the McMaster system. He is also active in graduate education via the Health Research Methods Programme.

Selected Publications

  1. Schmidt B, Davis P, Moddermann D, Ohlsson A, Roberts R, Saigal S, Solimano A, Vincer M, Wright W. Long-term effects of indomethacin prophilaxis in extremely-low-birth-weight infants. N Eng J Med, 2001;344: 1966-72.
  2. Gent M, Beaumont D, Blanchard J, Bousser MG, Coffman J, Easton JD, Hampton JR, Harker LA, Janzon L, Kusmierek JJE, Panak E, Roberts RS, Shannon JS, Sicurella J, Tognoni G, Topol EJ, Verstraete M, Warlow C. A randomized, blinded, trial of clopidogrel versus aspirin in patients at risk for ischemic events (CAPRIE). Lancet, 1996; 348: 1329-39.
  3. Gill JB, Cairns JA, Roberts RS, Costantini L, Sealy BJ, Fallen EF, Gent M. Prognostic importance of myocardial ischemia detected by ambulatory monitoring early after an acute myocardial infarct. N Eng J Med, 1996; 334: 65-70.
  4. Roberts RS, Julian JA, Sweezey D, Muir DCF, Shannon HS, Mastromatteo E. A study of mortality in workers engaged in the mining, smelting, and refining of OIndust Hlth, 1989; 5: 957-74.
  5. Gent M, Blakely JA, Easton JD, Ellis DJ, Hachinski VC, Harbison JW, Panak E, Roberts RS, Sicurella J, Turpie AGG, and the CATS Group. The Canadaian American ticlopidine study (CATS) in thromboembolic stroke. Lancet, 1989; 1: 1215-20.
  6. Roberts RS, Spitzer WO, Delmore T, Sackett DL. An empirical demonstration of Berkson’s Bias. J Chron Dis, 1978; 31: 119-28.

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