Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Robby Nieuwlaat

MSc (Maastricht, Netherlands), PhD (Maastricht, Netherlands)

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Researcher, Population Health Research Institute

905.527.4322 x 40455

Population Health Research Institute
David Braley CVSRI
Hamilton General Hospital Campus
Room C3-107
237 Barton Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 2X2

Administrative Assistant:  Tammy Levesque
905.527.4322 x 40317

Academic Interests

I wrote my PhD thesis entitled 'Management of Atrial Fibrillation in Europe' under supervision of Prof. Dr. Harry Crijns in Maastricht, which was based on my work for the Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation, an observational study evaluating guideline adherence for the management of atrial fibrillation and consequences of non-adherence. In 2008-2011 I worked as a post-doctoral research fellow at the Population Health Research Institute in Hamilton under supervision of Prof. Dr. Stuart Connolly and Prof. Dr. Brian Haynes. Here I performed knowledge translation research, mainly randomized trials testing interventions to improve the uptake of recommended best practice and consequently cardiovascular outcomes in clinical practice. In addition, I am involved in systematic reviews to summarize the effects of computerized clinical decision support and of interventions to enhance patient adherence with medical therapies. In April 2011 I started my position as Assistant Professor at the department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Besides my continuing work on the items above, my additional interests include understanding determinants of evidence-practice gaps, the comprehensive care for complex patients, and improvement of cardiovascular care and outcomes in the general population.

Selected Publications

    1. Nieuwlaat R, Barker L, Kim YK, Haynes RB, Eikelboom JW, Yusuf S, Connolly SJ. Underuse of evidence-based warfarin dosing methods for atrial fibrillation patients. Thromb Res. 2010;125(4):128-31.
    2. Kim YK, Nieuwlaat R, Connolly SJ, Schulman S, Meijer K, Raju N, Kaatz S, Eikelboom JW. Effect of a simple two-step warfarin dosing algorithm on anticoagulant control as measured by time-in-therapeutic range: a pilot study. J Thromb Haemost. 2010;8(1):101-6.
    3. Lip G, Nieuwlaat R, Pisters R, Lane D, Crijns H. Refining clinical risk stratification for predicting stroke and thromboembolism in atrial fibrillation using a novel risk factor based approach: The Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation. Chest. 2010;137(2):263-72.
    4. Robby Nieuwlaat, Luc W Eurlings, John G. Cleland, Stuart M. Cobbe, Panos E Vardas, Alessandro Capucci, José L López-Sendòn, Joan G Meeder, Yigal M Pinto, Harry JGM Crijns. Atrial fibrillation and heart failure in cardiology practice: reciprocal impact and combined management from the perspective of atrial fibrillation. Results of the Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2009;53(18):1690-8.
    5. Nieuwlaat R, Connolly SJ. Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: better use of anticoagulation and new agents will lead to improved outcomes. Heart. 2009;95(2):95-7.
    6. Nieuwlaat R, Prins MH, Le Heuzey JY, Vardas PE, Aliot E, Santini M, Cobbe SM, Widdershoven JW, Baur LH, Lévy S, Crijns HJ. Prognosis, disease progression, and treatment of atrial fibrillation patients during 1 year: follow-up of the Euro Heart Survey on atrial fibrillation. Eur Heart J. 2008;29(9):1181-9.
    7. Anna Ringborg, Robby Nieuwlaat, Peter Lindgren, Bengt Jönsson, Dogan Fidan, Aldo P. Maggioni, José López-Sendòn, Janina Stepinska, Dennis V. Cokkinos, Harry. J.G.M. Crijns. Costs of atrial fibrillation in five European countries. Results from the Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation. Europace. 2008;10(4):403-11.
    8. Robby Nieuwlaat, S. Bertil Olsson, Gregory Y.H. Lip, A. John Camm, Günter Breithardt, Alessandro Capucci, Joan G. Meeder, Martin H. Prins, Samuel Lévy, Harry J.G.M. Crijns. Guideline-adherent antithrombotic treatment is associated with improved outcomes compared to undertreatment in high-risk atrial fibrillation patients. The Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation. Am Heart J. 2007;153(6):1006-12.
    9. Robby Nieuwlaat, Alessandro Capucci, Gregory Y.H. Lip, S. Bertil Olsson, Martin H. Prins, Fred H. Nieman, José López-Sendón, Panos E. Vardas, Etienne Aliot, Massimo Santini, Harry J.G.M. Crijns, on behalf of the Euro Heart Survey Investigators. Antithrombotic Treatment in Real-Life Atrial Fibrillation Patients. A report from the Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation. Eur Heart J. 2006;27(24):3018-3026.
    10. Robby Nieuwlaat, Alessandro Capucci, John Camm, S. Bertil Olsson, Dietrich Andresen, Wyn Davies, Stuart Cobbe, Günter Breithardt, Jean-Yves Le Heuzey, Martin H. Prins, Samuel Lévy, Harry J.G.M. Crijns, on behalf of the Euro Heart Survey Investigators. Atrial Fibrillation Management: A Prospective Survey in ESC Member Countries. The Euro Heart Survey on Atrial Fibrillation. Eur Heart J. 2005;26(22):2422-34.

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