Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Lynne Lohfeld

BA (William Smith), MS (Wisconsin), PhD (Connecticut)

Associate Professor (Part-time), Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact






Academic Interests

Dr. Lohfeld's expertise is in qualitative research approaches and methods.

Selected Publications

  1. Lohfeld L, Krueger P, Brazil K, Edward HG, Lewis D, Tjam E. (2003) Salient and critical issues from a Canadian healthcare quality of work life survey. Healthcare Management Forum 15(4):73-81.
  2. Critchley, P.P.; Lohfeld, L.; Maxwell, D.; McIntyre, P. & Reyno, L. (2003). The challenge of developing a regional palliative care data system: A tale of two cities. Journal of Palliative Care 18(1):7-14.
  3. Lohfeld L, Sandberg Tschopp A; Trevor AW; Brazil K; & Krueger P. (2000). Assessing the need for and potential role of a day hospice: A qualitative study. Journal of Palliative Care 16(4):5-12.
  4. Lohfeld L, Brazil K. (2000). Understanding the collaborative experience between researchers and health care practitioners: Implications for gerontological nursing practice. Educational Gerontology: An International Journal 26(2):1-13.
  5. Krueger P, Brazil K, Lohfeld L, daPonte J, Slobodnik M. (2000). Health care needs of community-dwelling older adults: Views from a mid-sized Ontario community. Canadian Journal of Public Health 91(6):445-448.

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