Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Mary Law

BSc (Queens), MSc (McMaster), PhD (Waterloo)

John and Margaret Lillie Chair in Childhood Disability Research

Associate Dean and Professor, School of Rehabilitation Sciences

Associate Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Co-Director, CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research

905.525.9140 x 22666

Faculty of Health Sciences
Institute for Applied Health Sciences
Rm 403H
1200 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario
L8N 3Z5

Office location: IAHS-403H

Administrative Assistant: Tracy Roketta
905.525.9140 x 22666

Academic Interests

Dr. Law is an occupational therapist with training in Epidemiology and Health and Social Planning. Her research interests include the development, validation, and transfer into practice of outcome measures, evaluation of family-centred interventions for children with disabilities, and the study of environmental, family and child factors which affect the participation of children with disabilities. In her educational activities, Mary is involved in teaching the theoretical basis of occupational therapy practice and evidence-based occupational therapy practice in the occupational therapy program, as well as supervising graduate students.

Selected Publications

  1. Law, M., Majnemer, A., McColl, M.A., Bosch, J., Hanna, S., Wilkins, S., Birch, S., Telford , J. & Stewart, D. (2005). Home and community occupational therapy for children and youth: A before and after study. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy,72, 289 – 297.
  2. Currie, M., King, G., Rosenbaum, P., Law, M., Kertoy, M. & Specht, J. (2005). A model of impacts of research partnerships in health and social services. Evaluation and Program Planning, 28, 400 – 412.
  3. Law, M., King, G., King, S., Kertoy, M., Hurley, P., Rosenbaum, P., Young, N. & Hanna, S. (In press). Participation Patterns Among Children with Complex Physical Disabilities. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.
  4. Law, M., Teplicky, R., King, S., King, G., Kertoy, M., Moning, T., Rosenbaum, P. & Burke-Gaffney, J. (2005). Family-Centred Service: Moving Ideas into Practice. Child: Care, Health and Development, 31(6) , 633 - 642.
  5. Teplicky, R., Law, M., Rosenbaum, P., Stewart, D., DeMatteo, C., & Rumney, P. (2005). Effective rehabilitation for children and youth with brain injury: Evaluating the evidence. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 86, 924 - 931.
  6. King, G., Law, M., Rosenbaum, P., Currie, M., Plews, N., Russell, D., King, S., Missiuna, C., & Walter, S. (2005). Helpful organizational factors of a multidisciplinary research unit: A qualitative study. The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences & Practice, 3(3). .
  7. Law, M., Finkelman, S., Hurley, P., Rosenbaum, P., King, S., King, G., & Hanna, S. (2004). The participation of children with physical disabilities: Relationships with diagnosis, physical function, and demographic variables. Scandanavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 11(4), 156 - 162.
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