Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Steven Hoffman

Steven J. Hoffman

BHSc (McMaster), MA (Toronto), JD (Toronto), of the Bars of Ontario and New York

Assistant Professor (Part-time), Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics,
McMaster University

Adjunct Faculty, McMaster Health Forum

Visiting Assistant Professor
, Department of Global Health & Population, Harvard School of Public Health

Visiting Scholar, Harvard Global Health Institute, Harvard University
+1 905-525-9140 ext. 22121
+1 905-521-2721

McMaster University
1280 Main Street West, MML-417
Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8S 4L6

Academic Interests

Steven Hoffman’s research integrates analytical, empirical and big data methods to evaluate global and national health system responses to emerging threats, inequalities and human rights challenges. Past studies have focused on access to medicines, health security, international law, global decision-making and knowledge translation. Steven teaches two fourth-year undergraduate courses at McMaster University on global health advocacy (HTH SCI 4ZZ3) and global health governance, law and politics (HTH SCI 4LD3) and a graduate course cross-listed between the Harvard School of Public Health and John F. Kennedy School of Government on innovation, access to medicines and global governance (GHP554/SUP517M). He is licensed to practice law in both Ontario and New York, and previously worked at a Toronto law firm specializing in cross-border intellectual property litigation, health product regulation and government relations. Building on this experience, he served as a Political Advisor on the executive team of Incentives for Global Health, a Yale University-based NGO devoted to improving global access to medicines, where he was responsible for international advocacy and strategic planning. Steven also previously worked for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, where he managed the UN agency's Global Programme on Interprofessional Education & Collaborative Practice, and served as a Fellow in the Executive Office of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York City where he offered strategic and technical input on a range of global health issues. Steven recently advised the World Health Organization on development of a global strategy for health systems research and was lead author on the background paper that provided the strategy's conceptual underpinnings. He convenes an academic advisory committee on science reporting for Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine and co-convenes the Harvard Seminar on Global Governance for Health.

Selected Publications

  1. Hoffman SJ, Røttingen JA. Dark Sides of the Proposed Framework Convention on Global Health’s Many Virtues: A Systematic Review and Critical Analysis. Health & Human Rights Journal 2013; 15(1): 117-134.
  2. Hoffman SJ, Tan C. Following Celebrities’ Medical Advice: Meta-Narrative Analysis. British Medical Journal 2013; 347: f7151. doi:10.1136/bmj.f7151.
  3. Hoffman SJ, Røttingen JA. Be Sparing with International Laws. Nature 2012; 483: 275. doi:10.1038/483275e.
  4. Hoffman SJ, Røttingen JA. Assessing Implementation Mechanisms for an International Agreement on Research and Development for Health Products. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2012; 90(12): 854-863. doi:10.2471/BLT.12.109827.
  5. Hoffman SJ, Sossin L. Empirically Evaluating the Impact of Adjudicative Tribunals in the Health Sector: Context, Challenges and Opportunities. Health Economics, Policy and Law 2012; 7(2): 147-174. doi:10.1017/S1744133111000156.
  6. Hoffman SJ, Guindon GE, Lavis JN, Ndossi GD, Osei EJA, Sidibe MF, Buopha B, for the Research to Policy & Practice Study Team. Assessing Healthcare Providers’ Knowledge and Practices relating to Insecticide-Treated Nets and the Prevention of Malaria in Ghana, Laos, Senegal and Tanzania. Malaria Journal 2011; 10(363): 1-27. doi:10.1186/1475-2875-10-363.
  7. Hoffman SJ. Ending Medical Complicity in State-Sponsored Torture. The Lancet 2011; 378(9802): 1535-1537. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(11)60816-7.
  8. Hoffman SJ. Strengthening Global Health Diplomacy in Canada’s Foreign Policy Architecture: Literature Review and Key Informant Interviews. Canadian Foreign Policy Journal 2010; 16(3): 17-41. doi:10.1080/11926422.2010.9687318.
  9. Hoffman SJ. The Evolution, Etiology and Eventualities of the Global Health Security Regime. Health Policy and Planning 2010; 25(6): 510-522. doi:10.1093/heapol/czq037.
  10. Hoffman SJ, Lavis JN, Bennett S. The Use of Research Evidence in Two International Organizations’ Recommendations about Health Systems. Healthcare Policy 2009; 5(1): 66-86.

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