Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Ted Haines

BA (McMaster), MD (Toronto), MSc (McMaster), FRCPC, CCFP

Associate Professor (Part-time), Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact





Academic Interests

Dr. Haines contributes to both the Health Research Methodology program and the Community Medicine Residency program. His interests include occupational health, clinical epidemiology and evidence-based health care. He helps people and workplaces with occupational health problems. He studies effects of occupational exposures on health and the benefit of occupational health and educational interventions.

Selected Publications

  1. Haines T, Verrall B, Julian J, Chong J (2000): Quality of life and work in nickel miners and smelter workers: symptomatic and aesthesiometric correlates. Work Life Reports (Arbetslivrapport) 2000(4):199-203.
  2. Haines T, Verrall B, Barton M, Stock (1995): An investigation of the interobserver reproducibility of Allen’s test. Work and Health (Arbete och Halsa); 5:59-63.
  3. Walters V, Haines T (1988): Workers’ perceptions, knowledge and responses regarding occupational health and safety: a report on a Canadian study. Social Science and Medicine; 27:1189-1196.
  4. Haines T, Chong J, Verrall AB, Bernholz C, Spears R, Muir DCF (1988): Aesthesiometric threshold changes over the course of a workshift in miners exposed to hand-arm vibration. Br J Ind Med: 45;106-111.
  5. Haines T, Shannon HS (1983): Sample size in occupational mortality studies: an analysis with reference to the literature. Journal of Occupational Medicine: 25;603-8.

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