Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Ron Goeree

BA (McMaster), MA (McMaster)

Professor, Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Director, Program for Assessment of Technology in Health

Member, Centre for Evaluation of Medicines (CEM)

Chair, Labelle Lectureship Committee

905.523.7284 x 5266

Program for Assessment of Technology in Health (P.A.T.H)
25 Main Street West, Suite 2000
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L8P 1H1

Administrative Assistant: Donna Wilcockson
905.523.7284 x 5268

Academic Interests

Ron is a Professor in the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster University and Director of the Programs for Assessment of Technology in Health (PATH) Research Institute at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (SJHH).  He is a member of the Centre for Evaluations of Medicines, also affiliated with SJHH.  His main research interests are centered on health technology assessment (HTA), decision analytic modelling and economic evaluations. Ron teaches in the Health Research Methodology (HRM) Program at McMaster University, where he developed a course in advanced decision analytic modelling and founded the Field of Specialization for HTA in the HRM Program. Ron has also been actively involved in the development and teaching of several international workshops in HTA and economic modeling.

Ron is involved in numerous research projects with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Health Quality Ontario and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH).  He also has extensive experience as a consultant on research activities of government bodies, and with many other agencies and corporations, and has published extensively (over 375 books, chapters, articles and abstracts) in the HTA field. Ron is the 2012 recipient of the CADTH HTA Excellence Award for lifetime and sustained achievement, he is co-editor of Value in Health and sits on the editorial boards of Medical Decision Making and the Journal of Medical Economics. Ron received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from McMaster University.

Current HRM Graduate Students
Nazila Assasi
Bernice Tsoi

Current Post-Doctoral Fellows
Vakaramoko Diaby

Selected Publications

  1. Goeree R, Levin L.  Building bridges between academic research and policy formulation: The PRUFE framework – an integral part of Ontario’s evidence-based HTPA process.  PharmacoEconomics, 2006;24(11):1143-1156.
  2. Goeree R, O’Reilly D, Tarride JE, Bowen J, Blackhouse G, Campbell K, Hopkins R, Lim M, Paterson L.  Being led down the wrong garden PATH: the importance of knowledge and facts for the crossroads.  Pharmacoeconomics 2007;25(6):528-532.
  3. Goeree R, Lim ME, Hopkins R, Blackhouse G, Tarride JE, Xie F, O’Reilly D.  Prevalence, Total and Excess Costs of Diabetes and Related Complications in Ontario, Canada.  Canadian Journal of Diabetes 2009;33(1):35-45.
  4. Goeree R, Bowen JM, Blackhouse G, Lazzam C, Cohen E, Chiu M, Hopkins R, Tarride J-E, Tu JV.  Economic evaluation of drug-eluting stents compared to bare metal stents using a large prospective study in Ontario.  International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care 2009;25(2):196-207
  5. Goeree R, Levin L, Chandra K, Bowen JM, Blackhouse G, Tarride JE, Burke N, Bischof M, Xie F, O’Reilly D.  Health technology assessment and primary data collection for reducing decision making uncertainty.  Journal of the American College of Radiology 2009;6(5):332-342.
  6. Goeree R, Lim ME, Hopkins R, Blackhouse G, Tarride JE, Xie F, O’Reilly D.  Excess risk of mortality and complications associated with newly diagnosed cases of diabetes in Ontario, Canada. Canadian Journal of Diabetes 2009;33(2):93-104.
  7. Goeree R, Chandra K, Tarride JE, O’Reilly D, Xie F, Bowen J, Blackhouse G, Hopkins R.  Conditionally funded field evaluations: PATH’s coverage with evidence development program for Ontario.  Value in Health, 2010;13(Suppl 1):S8-S11.
  8. Goeree R, O’Reilly D, Hopkins R, Blackhouse G, Tarride JE, Xie F, Lim M.  General population versus disease-specific event rate and costs estimates: potential bias for economic appraisals.  Expert Rev. Pharmacoeconomics Outcomes Res 2010;10(4):379-384.
  9. Goeree R, Hopkins R, Marshall JK, Armstrong D, Ungar W, Goldsmith C, Allen CJ, Anvari M.  Cost-utility of laparoscopic nissen fundoplication versus proton pump inhibitors for chronic and controlled gastroesophageal reflux disease: A 3-year prospective randomized controlled trial and economic evaluation.   Value in Health 2011;14(2):263-273.
  10. Goeree R, He J, O’Reilly D, Tarride JE, Xie F, Burke N.  Transferability of health technology assessments and economic evaluations: A systematic review of approaches for assessment and application.  ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research 2011;3:89-104.

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