Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Amit Garg

MD (Toronto), MA (Toronto-OISE), PhD (McMaster), FRCPC, FACP

Faculty (Part-time), Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Professor, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology, University of Western Ontario & Division of Nephrology, London Health Sciences Centre

Director, London Kidney Clinical Research Unit

Director, ICES@Western

Lead, Provincial ICES Kidney, Dialysis and Transplantation Program


London Health Sciences Centre
Room ELL-101, Westminster Tower
800 Commissioners Road East
London , Ontario
N6A 4G5

Administrative Assistant: Ms. Carolyn Askes

Academic Interests

As a nephrologist, Dr. Garg conducts research to improve kidney health and renal care. Working with a team of researchers and staff at the London Kidney Clinical Research Unit, he supervises graduate students both from McMaster University and Western University.

Current McMaster Graduate Students
Immaculate Nevis, MBBS, MSc (PhD candidate)

Current Western Graduate Students
Sonja Gandhi (PhD candidate)
Alvin Li (PhD candidate)
Kyla Naylor (PhD candidate)
Ngan Lam MD, FRCPC (MSc candidate)
Ainslie Hildebrand MD, FRCPC (MSc candidate)
Sonia Thomas (MSc candidate)
Joseph Hwang (MSc candidate)
Matthew Weir MD, FRCPC (MSc candidate)

Recent Graduate Students
Meghan Vlasschaert, MSc 2008 (Western)
Robert Yang MD, FRCPC, MSc 2009 (McMaster)
Ann Young PhD, 2009 (Western)
Lucy Horvat MSc 2009 (Western)
Salimah Shariff PhD 2010 (Western)
Arsh Jain MD, FRCPC, MSc 2010 (Western)
Mitesh Shah MBBS, MSc 2012 (Western)

Selected Publications

  1. Siddiqui NF, Coca SG, Devereaux PJ, Jain AK, Li L, Luo J, Parikh CR, Paterson M, Philbrook HT, Wald R, Walsh M, Whitlock R, Garg AX. Secular trends in acute dialysis after elective major surgery -- 1995 to 2009. CMAJ. 2012 Aug 7;184(11):1237-45.
  2. Zhao YY, Weir MA, Manno M, Cordy P, Gomes T, Hackam DG, Juurlink DN, Mamdani M, Moist L, Parikh CR, Paterson JM, Wald R, Yao Z, Garg AX. New fibrate use and acute renal outcomes in elderly adults: a population-based study. Ann Intern Med. 2012 Apr 17;156(8):560-9.
  3. Shariff SZ, Sontrop JM, Haynes RB, Iansavichus AV, McKibbon KA, Wilczynski NL, Weir MA, Speechley MR, Thind A, Garg AX. Impact of PubMed search filters on the retrieval of evidence by physicians. CMAJ. 2012 Feb 21;184(3):E184-90.
  4. Garg AX, Meirambayeva A, Huang A, Kim J, Prasad GV, Knoll G, Boudville N, Lok C, McFarlane P, Karpinski M, Storsley L, Klarenbach S, Lam N, Thomas SM, Dipchand C, Reese P, Doshi M, Gibney E, Taub K, Young A; Donor Nephrectomy Outcomes Research Network. Cardiovascular disease in kidney donors: matched cohort study.  BMJ. 2012 Mar 1;344:e1203.
  5. Horvat LD, Cuerden MS, Kim SJ, Koval JJ, Young A, Garg AX. Informing the debate: rates of kidney transplantation in nations with presumed consent. Ann Intern Med. 2010 Nov 16;153(10):641-9.

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