Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Kevin Eva

BSc. (McMaster), PhD (McMaster)

Associate Professor (part-time), Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact






Academic Interests

Dr. Eva's interests include psychological factors relevant to the acquisition and maintenance of expertise. He studies the relative merit of various admissions and assessment strategies as well as clinical decision-making, professional self-regulation, and the impact of aging on performance.

Selected Publications

  1. Eva KW , Regehr G. (2005). Self-assessment in the Health Professions: A Reformulation and Research Agenda. Academic Medicine 80(10 Suppl.): S46 – S54.
  2. Eva KW . (2005). What every teacher needs to know about clinical reasoning. Medical Education 39:98-106.
  3. Eva KW , Reiter HI, Rosenfeld J, Norman GR. (2004). The ability of the Multiple Mini-Interview to predict pre-clerkship performance in medical school. Academic Medicine 79: S40-S42.
  4. Eva KW , Rosenfeld J, Reiter HI, Norman GR. (2004). An admissions OSCE: The Multiple Mini-Interview. Medical Education 38: 314-326.
  5. Eva KW , Reiter HI. (2004). Where judgment fails: Pitfalls in the selection process for medical personnel. Advances in Health Sciences Education, 9:161-74.
  6. Eva KW . (2002). The aging physician: Changes in cognitive processing and their impact on medical practice. Academic Medicine 77:S1-S6.
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  10. Eva KW , Neville AJ, Norman GR. (1998). Exploring the Etiology of Content Specificity: Factors Influencing Analogical Transfer in Problem Solving. Academic Medicine, 73:S1-S5.

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