Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Fadi El-Jardali

PhD (Carleton), MPH (American University of Beirut)

Associate Professor (part-time), Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact





Academic Interests

Research activities, publications and interest are focused on health policy making, knowledge translation, governance, performance reporting for health systems and organizations, quality of care, accreditation, patient safety, and human resources for health.

Selected Publications

  1. El-Jardali F., Lavis JN, Ataya N, Jamal D, Ammar W, Raouf S, Use of Health Systems Evidence by Policymakers in Eastern Mediterranean Countries: Views, Practices, and Contextual Influences, BMC Health Services Research 2012, 12:200
  2. El-Jardali, F., Ataya, N., Jamal, D., Jaafar, M. A multi-faceted approach to promote knowledge translation platforms in Eastern Mediterranean countries: climate for evidence-informed policy, Health Research Policy and Systems 2012, 10: 15
  3. El-Jardali F., Lavis JN, Ataya N, Jamal D, Use of Health Systems and Policy Research Evidence in the Health Policymaking in Eastern Mediterranean Countries: Views and Practices of Researchers, Implementation Science 7:2, 2012
  4. El-Jardali F, Jamal D, Ataya N, Jaafar M, Raouf S, Matta C, Michael S, Smith C (2011), Health Policy and Systems Research in Twelve Eastern Mediterranean Countries: A Stocktaking of Production and Gaps (2000-2008), Health Research Policy and Systems,  9(1):39
  5. El-Jardali, F., Makhoul J., Jamal, D., Ranson M.K., Kronfol, N., and Tchaghchagian, V. Eliciting policymakers’ and stakeholders’ opinions to help shape health system research priorities in the Middle East and North Africa region, Health Policy and Planning, Vol. 25 (1), 2010, pp. 1-13
  6. El-Jardali F,  Dimassi H., Jamal D., , Jaafar M., Hemadeh, N. Predictors and Outcomes of Patient Safety Culture in Hospitals, BMC Health Services Research, 2011, 11(1):45
  7. El-Jardali F. , Jaafar M., Dimassi H., Jamal D., Hamdan R. The Current state of Patient Safety Culture in Lebanese Hospitals: A study at Baseline. International Journal for Quality in Health Care . 2011, Feb 24;11:45.
  8. El-Jardali F., Alameddine M., Dumit N., Dimassi H., Jamal D., and Maalouf S. Nurses’ Work Environment and Intent to Leave in Lebanese Hospitals: Implications for Policy and Practice. International Journal of Nursing Studies. 2011 Feb;48(2):204-14
  9. El-Jardali, F., Jamal, D., Dimassi, H., Ammar, W., Tchaghchaghian, V.  The Impact of Accreditation on Quality of Care in Lebanese Hospitals,  International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2008, Vol 20, No. 5, pp 363-371
  10. El-Jardali, F., Jamal, D., Abdallah, A. and Kassak, K. Human resources for health planning and management in the Eastern Mediterranean region: facts, gaps and forward thinking for research and policy. Human Resources for Health Journal, 2007, Vol.5, N.9

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