Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

David Earn

BSc. (Toronto), CASM (Cambridge), MSc. (Toronto), PhD (Cambridge)

Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Associate Member, Dept of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Associate Member, Department of Biology

CIHR New Investigator Award 2002-2007

905.525.9140 x 27245

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
McMaster University
1280 Main St. West
Hamilton, ON
L8S 4K1

Office location: Hamilton Hall - 317

Administrative Assistant: Susan Marsh-Rollo
905.525.9140 x 26373

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Academic Interests

Dr. Earn is an applied mathematician with primary research interests in epidemiology, ecology and evolutionary theory.

Selected Publications

  1. Tien, J.H., Poinar, H.N., Fisman, D.N., Earn, D.J.D., 2011. "Herald waves of cholera in 19th century London" Journal of the Royal Society Interface 8, 756-760
  2. He, D., Dushoff, J., Day, T., Ma, J., Earn, D.J.D., 2011. "Mechanistic modelling of the three waves of the 1918 influenza pandemic " Theoretical Ecology 4, 283-288
  3. Eftimie, R., Bramson, J.L., Earn, D.J.D., 2011. "Interactions between the immune system and cancer: a brief review of non-spatial mathematical models" Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 73, 2-32
  4. Tuite, A.R., Tien, J., Eisenberg, M., Earn, D.J.D., Ma, J., Fisman, D.N., 2011. "Cholera Epidemic in Haiti, 2010: Using a Transmission Model to Explain Spatial Spread of Disease and Identify Optimal Control Interventions " Annals of Internal Medicine 154, 593-601
  5. Loeb, M., Russell, M.L., Moss, L., Fonseca, K., Fox, J., Earn, D.J.D., Aoki,F., Horsman, G., Van Caeseele, P., Chokani, K., Vooght, M., Babiuk, L., Webby, R., Walter, S.D., 2010. "Effect of Influenza Vaccination of Children on Infection Rates in Hutterite Communities: A Randomized Trial" JAMA - The Journal of the American Medical Association 303, 943-950
  6. Goldstein, E., Dushoff, J., Ma, J., Plotkin, J., Earn, D.J.D., Lipsitch, M., 2009. "Reconstructing influenza incidence by deconvolution of daily mortality time series" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 106, 21825-21829
  7. Wagner, B.G., Earn, D.J.D., 2008. "Circulating vaccine derived polio viruses and their impact on global polio eradication" Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 70, 253-280
  8. Dushoff, J., Plotkin, J.B., Viboud, C., Simonsen, L., Miller, M., Loeb, M., Earn, D.J.D., 2007. "Vaccinating to protect a vulnerable subpopulation" PLoS Medicine 4, 921-927
  9. He, D., Earn, D.J.D., 2007. "Epidemiological effects of seasonal oscillations in birth rates" Theoretical Population Biology 72, 274-291
  10. Ma, J., Earn, D.J.D., 2006. "Generality of the final size formula for an epidemic of a newly invading infectious disease" Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 68, 679-702

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