Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Richard Cook

BSc (McMaster), M. Math (Waterloo), PhD (Waterloo)

Canada Research Chair in Statistical Methods for Health Research

Professor (Part-time), Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact

Professor, Departments of Statistics and Actuarial Science and Health Studies and Gerontology, University of Waterloo

519.888.4567 x35549


Academic Interests

Dr. Cook's research interests include the development and application of statistical methods for public health. Specific areas of interest include the analysis of life history data, longitudinal data, sequential methods, multivariate analysis, clinical trial design, and the assessment of diagnostic tests.

Selected Publications

  1. Chen EB, Cook RJ, Lawless JF. and Zhan M. Statistical methods for multivariate interval-censored recurrent events. Statistics in Medicine, 2005, 24, 671-691.
  2. Cook RJ, Wei and Yi GY. Robust tests for treatment comparisons based on recurrent events in multi-period clinical trials. Biometrics, 2004, 61, 692-701.
  3. Cook RJ, Heddle NM, Rebulla P, Sigouin C and Webert KE. Methods for the analysis of bleeding outcomes in randomized trials of platelet transfusion triggers. Transfusion, 2004, 44, 1135-1142.
  4. Cook RJ, Zeng L and Yi GY. Marginal analysis of incomplete longitudinal binary data: a cautionary note on LOCF imputation. Biometrics, 2004, 60, 820-828.
  5. Cook RJ, Yi GY, Lee, K-A, and Gladman DD. A conditional Markdov model for clustered progressive multistate processes under incomplete observation. Biomertrics, 2004, 60, 436-443.
  6. Chen EB and Cook RJ. Multivariate recurrent events with dependent termination: application to studies of cancer metastatic to bone. Biostatistatics, 2004, 5, 129-143.
  7. Cook RJ and Lawless JF. Cumulative processes related to event histories. SORT, 2003, 27, 13-30.
  8. Cook RJ, Wei W. Conditional analysis of mixed Poisson processes with baseline counts. Biostatistics, 2003, Vol 4, 479-494.
  9. Cook RJ, Kalbfleisch JD, Yi GY: A generalized mover-stayer model for panel data Biostatistics, 2002, Vol. 3, 407-420.
  10. Cook RJ, Lawless JF: Analysis of repeated events. Statistical Methods for Medical Research, 2002, Vol. 11, 141-166.

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