With faculty members engaged in a dynamic mix of health sciences, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and library science disciplines, CE&B boasts an exceptional depth and breadth of expertise and research clusters. Many faculty members are honoured with Endowed Chairs and Canada Research Chairs and several of our younger faculty members competed successfully for Ontario Career Scientist awards and CIHR Investigator awards.

In CE&B, faculty members " explicitly value collegiality and collaboration." They observe the Department is "both nurturing and challenging at once: nurturing because we place a premium on intense personal mentoring and we help the growth of people's careers; and challenging because we have great debates, interesting dialogue and a lot of cross-fertilization that helps enrich the research environment." In Dave Sackett's words, "We rejoice in one another's success."

For a taste of what it's like to work in CE&B and live in the Hamilton area, take a look at the video CE&B Faculty Reflections.