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Faculty, staff and students bound by time or place can
now participate in these
important events.

CE&B’s Special Events introduce new research, stimulate ideas, spark debate, and encourage collaboration. We welcome and encourage your participation.

We stage 8-10 monthly Rounds per year, inter-digitated with special annual events, e.g., the Enkin Lecture and rounds/seminars organized by our affiliated research groups, e.g. CHEPA, CEM, and HIRU. Our most important event is the Annual Research Day, an opportunity for graduate students, residents, research staff and faculty members to present their work to their peers and engage with a renowned plenary speaker or two.

Some events occur “spontaneously” through the enthusiasm and initiative of individual faculty members and their visitors. Others are “commissioned” according to opportunity and known events (e.g., big studies about to be published).

Contact Professor Robby Nieuwlaat, Department Special Events Coordinator, with your ideas and offers to help organize a special CE&B event.

CE&B Research Day

Over 40 Posters from CE&B Faculty, Staff and Students

Our annual research day is an opportunity for the staff, students and faculty of the department to showcase our current research, see and discuss the research interests of other department members, and consider and debate hot methodologic issues. The CE&B world is rich in talent, ideas, and health research projects, and this day provides a key venue for appreciating the broad range of our activities.

March 26, 2015    more details ►

Series From CE&B Groups

Seminars, Rounds and Academic Half-days offered by:

Bioethics Interest Group, Centre for Evaluation of Medicines, Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis, Public Health and Preventive Medicine

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The Labelle Lectureship Series

The Labelle Lectureship Series in Health Services Research has been established by Roberta's colleagues to provide an opportunity to renew ourselves in the spirit of resilient optimism that was hers, and to remind ourselves of her message that good research really can make a difference.

Photo-link to Labelle Lectureship Flyer

October 1, 2014

Location: MUMC 1A1

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The Enkin Lectureship

Photo-link to Enkin Poster
Dr. Jean Chamberlain will be presenting the 2013 Enkin Lectureship

Wed. Nov. 20, 2013
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EBCP Workshop
McMaster Evidence Based Clinical Practice Workshop
June 8 – 12, 2015

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Second Sackett Symposium

David Sackett

Registration is open!

2nd Sackett Symposium,
Sept. 27-28, 2013

Crowne Plaza, Niagara Falls

Understand the strengths, limitations and appropriate use of randomized trials & observational studies
Move forward the field of research in the context of comparative effectiveness research

Physicians, Specialists, Researchers, Students, Residents, Clinical Trialists, Observationalists, Health Research Methodologist, Health Policy Decision Makers, Diagnosticians, Clinical-practice, Guidelines Formulators

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Annual Retreat

Faculty Retreat

The Faculty Retreat scheduled for April 11, 2013 has been postponed until the fall.

Date to be announced...

CE&B Winter Party

CE&B Winter Party

Hamilton Convention Centre

Saturday February 9, 2013

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