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Dr. Holger Schünemann

From its founding in 1968 with David Sackett as its first Department Chair, CE&B has grown, diversified, and established an international reputation through the rigour and impact of its research and education programs. While famed for its roots in evidence-based medicine and clinical trials, the department’s strengths now add up to much more than the CE&B name suggests. Continued

Dr. Holger Schünemann,
Department Chair

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Photo of Dr. Andrew Costa

Andrew Costa is the first holder of the new Schlegel Chair in Clinical Epidemiology and Aging

$1-million gift by Kitchener philanthropist Ron Schlegel, which will support the creation of the Schlegel Chair in Clinical Epidemiology and Aging at McMaster University, to be held by Dr. Andrew Costa. more ►

Photo of Nathan Evaniew

Meta-analysis led by HRM PhD student, Nathan Evaniew, may change the practice of minimally invasive disc surgery

Nathan Evaniew's, new study published in the CMAJ Open found that current evidence does not support the routine use of minimally invasive surgery to remove herniated disc material pressing on the nerve root or spinal cord in the neck or lower back. The Hamilton Spectator | CBC | more ►

Photo of Dr. Robby Nieuwlaat

Cochrane systematic review led by Robby Nieuwlaat challenges science on medication adherence

"The studies varied so much in terms of their design and their results that it would have been misleading to try to come up with general conclusions," said lead researcher Dr. Robby Nieuwlaat. more ►

CE&B researchers awarded new Canada Research Chairs | Guillaume Paré, Mohit Bhandari, Sarah McDonald more ► CE&B ethicist, Dr. Lisa Schwartz, joins WHO team for Ebola fight more ►
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Gordon Guyatt received the Lifetime Innovator Award at the 2014 McMaster Innovation Showcase more ►

Dr. John You - new research reveals top five things to discuss near life's end more ►

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  • Conceives, designs, organizes and implements ground-breaking clinical trials
  • Bridges the health and social sciences to better understand and apply health services management, health policy and health economics
  • Influences how health-care decisions are made through research and service in health informatics and knowledge transfer, and
  • Promotes the principles and practice of evidence-based medicine through knowledge-translation research and educational offerings.
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