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Post Degree Students - those students who only wish to complete one course and not complete the diploma program


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Graduate Calendar section 2.1.7 Admission Requirements for Post-Degree Students

A Post-degree Student is one who has not been admitted to a graduate degree or diploma program but who holds a university degree and has been given permission to take a specific graduate course. Permission to take a course as a post-degree student requires the approval of the course instructor, the Department Chair, and the School of Graduate Studies. An application is required for each course.

Although acceptance as a post-degree student carries no implications with respect to acceptance for a degree program in the School of Graduate Studies, the level of academic achievement expected for admission under this category is the same as that required of students admitted to a Master’s program (Section 2.1.1). Courses taken as a post-degree student may be eligible for credit toward a Master’s degree in a related program, to a maximum of one-half of the degree’s course requirement, subject to the recommendation of the department or program to the relevant Faculty Graduate Admissions and Study Committee.

A student who has completed a relevant undergraduate degree and is not admissible under current standards, but who is currently in (or has had) full-time employment in the intended area of study may be admitted as a post-degree student. In such cases, any courses taken as a post-degree student will not be available for credit in a subsequent graduate program, because they will have been necessary to demonstrate admissibility. 

The deadline for registration is the same as for graduate degree programs (see Sessional Dates, Registration).

(Note: A Graduate Diploma is distinct from a baccalaureate, Master’s or Ph.D. degree, or diplomas and certificates awarded by the Centre for Continuing Education at McMaster University).

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To Apply as a Post Degree Students, please see the How to Apply page.

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